Neptune is the eighth planet in the sequence from the Sun. Similar to Uranus both in size and contents – but beyond that, even less is known about it. Perhaps future space probes will bring more clarity about it. However, it is known to have at least two moons, of which Triton, with a diameter of between 3.000 and 6.000 km , is one of the largest in the solar system.


  • Average distance from the Sun: 4496.7 million km
  • Model: 4.5 km from the Sun
  • Size: 49.500 km (diameter)
  • Model: 4.9 cm (diameter)
  • Orbital period around the Sun: 60190 days or 165 years
  • Mass kg: 1,02 x 1026
  • Surface temperature: – 210 degrees
  • Length of day: 18.2 hours
  • Number of moons: 14 known – Triton (3000-6000 km) and Nereid (500-800km)
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