Venus is the second largest planet, reckoned from the Sun. Its size and mass are almost like our Earth, it is 650 kilometres smaller in diameter. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Venus is always hidden by a dense cloud cover containing large amounts of sulphuric acid, a rather inhospitable planet! The white clouds reflect so much sunlight that, seen from Earth, Venus is the most brilliant of our planets, shining brightly as a morning sunrise star and as an evening star after sunset, a beautiful sight.


  • Average distance from the Sun: 108.2 million km.
  • Size: 12104 km (diameter)
  • Orbital period around the Sun: 224.7 days
  • Mass: (kg) 4.8589 x 1024
  • Surface temperature:500 degrees
  • Gravity: 90 times Earth’s
  • Length of day: 243 Earth days
  • Number of moons: none
  • Model: 108 m (from the Sun)
  • Model: 1.21 cm (diameter)
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