Pluto is the ninth and outermost planet in our solar system. It also has the distinction of being the smallest of all 9 planets. It is believed that there must be a tenth planet in the system, but until now it has not been possible to find it. However, as Pluto was only discovered in 1930, the possibility may still be there.


  • Average distance from the Sun: 5900 million km
  • Model: 6 km from the Sun
  • Size: 2500 km (diameter)
  • Model: 2.5 mm (diameter)
  • Duration of rotation: 90465 days or 248 yars, the day is 6.3 Earth days
  • Mass (kg): 1.6 x 1022
  • Number of moons: 5


Do you want to take a trip to the Sun’s closest neighbouring star Proxima Centauri? Distance 4.3 light years or 40.8 trillion kilometres.

At the scale of the Planetary Path 1:, the journey will be about 40.000 kilometres – the same as the trip around Earth!


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